How Do You Split Fuel Costs on a Road Trip?

December 31st, 2018 by

Tips for Splitting Fuel Costs

Road tripping with friends can be a lot of fun. You both get to explore new places, and you might get to learn something new about your favorite people. But there is one part of a road trip that can cause tension – or possibly ruin – a friendship. That is splitting the cost of fuel. Read on to learn how to effectively split the cost of fuel on your next road trip!

Tip 1: Find Out How Much Gas is Needed for Your Road Trip
Before hitting the road, open Google Maps and find out the distance between your starting point and your desired destination. From there, find out the average fuel economy of the vehicle that will take you there. Calculate the vehicle’s estimated driving range and the estimated number of tanks of fuel needed for your road trip. Factor in cost of fuel.

Tip 2: Take Turns Paying for Fuel

One way to keep the fuel budget relatively even is by taking turns paying at the pump.

Tip 3: Offer to Pay for Something Else
If you would prefer not having to worry about paying for gas as you travel, offer to pay for something that is equal to the gas budget, such as hotel rooms or tickets to an event.

Tip 4: Settle Up at the End of the Trip

This method is very popular for many friends who road trip together. The vehicle owner fills and pays for the fuel (this way, they get their preferred type of fuel), and keeps all the receipts. After returning home, the receipts are added up and then split evenly among all the travelers.

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