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Where can I adopt a pet in Salem, OR?

Pet rescues and animal shelters located in Salem, OR 

Where can you adopt a pet in Salem, OR? Around Salem, we have multiple options for adopting pets. There are always homeless animals looking for a new home due to the overpopulation of pets in comparison with humans. Keep reading to learn about some pet rescues and animal shelters located in Salem, OR. 

Why should I adopt instead of purchasing a pet in Salem, OR 

Of course, there are always pet shops and breeders, where a lot of people go to purchase pets. Unfortunately, for every pet bought, there is another pet waiting to get adopted that is being passed up. That means more pets won’t find homes. By choosing to adopt from one of the organizations below, you help keep them funded, which in turn means that they can help more stray, lost, or abandoned animals find homes. 

What if I am looking for a specific breed of animal in Salem, OR? 

Pet rescues and shelters can help you find what you are looking for. You would be surprised how often certain sought-after breeds end up in shelters, due to owners losing their homes, moving away, or becoming unable to care for their companion animals. Shelters and rescues can help match you with your best fit. 

Four pet rescues located around Salem, OR 

The list below features four pet rescues located around Salem, OR. We encourage you to click the links and check out their websites, which will tell you about their hours of operation, COVID policies, and adoption processes. Scroll down to view their locations. 

Locations of animal shelters in Salem, OR 

Willamette Humane Society 

Marion County Dog Services 

Salem Friends of Felines 

Feathered Friend’s Bird Rescue