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What should I look for when searching through Certified Pre-Owned Acura models?

Five things to consider when looking for a used Acura vehicle 

What should you look for when searching through Certified Pre-Owned Acura models? We think that five things to consider when looking for a used Acura vehicle are its history, mileage, warranty, price, and age. Below, we’ll discuss the five questions that you should ask about any used vehicle before you purchase it. 

2019 Acura RDX in red
Can you access the vehicle’s CarFax vehicle history report? 

Most dealerships will offer a vehicle history report from CarFax. On our online inventory, each model has a button to view this report. The history report will show you whether the vehicle has been in any accidents, where it came from, and whether it had regular maintenance. 

How many miles has the vehicle driven? 

Lower mileage vehicles tend to be of higher quality, which is why they sell for more. Acura Certified Pre-Owned models will always be under 80,000 miles, which is a good benchmark to look for. If you aren’t getting a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, there will be more variety in mileage. 

Does the vehicle come with a warranty? 

Some used vehicles come with manufacturer warranties. These cover repair costs due to defects in manufacturing. Certified Pre-Owned Acura vehicles will come with a two-year or 100,000-mile warranty. 

Is this vehicle priced based on market value? 

Dealerships know that they can’t inflate the value of a vehicle, because you have the tools to look up pricing for yourself. Searching online will allow you to get a good idea of what any vehicle is worth. Remember to factor in wear and tear, mileage, age, trim level, model year, make, and model. 

How old is the vehicle that you are looking at? 

Older models have the benefits of being less expensive; however, newer models will probably be higher quality. All Certified Pre-Owned Acura models are under six years old. It’s up to you to decide what model year would work best for you.