Vehicle driving on a snow-covered road

How Do I Drive in the Snow in Oregon?

Tips for Driving in the Snow in Oregon

Here in Oregon, we are fortunate that we typically don’t get the frigid temperatures like the Upper Midwest does. But we still get snow once in a while – especially in the mountains. That snow can make driving quite dangerous if you are not careful. Luckily, we have some tips to help you out.

Tip #1: Make sure your car is cleared off. You would be surprised how often drivers neglect to do this. We get that you might be running late to the office, but it is imperative that you clear the snow off your windshield and all other windows, along with the hood, mirrors, headlights, tail lights, blinker lights, and license plates.

Tip #2: Go slow. You might be well-seasoned in driving in the snow, but there is a difference in being confident and cocky. When the roads are covered in snow, take things nice and slow to prevent unexpected slipping or collisions.

Tip #3: Be patient with other drivers. You might be feeling okay with your winter driving skills and find yourself impatient with the driver in front of you who is going a little slower than you. It is always possible that this might be their first experience of driving in the snow or they recently survived a winter-season driving accident. If you need to pass the other driver, wait until it is safe to do so and be courteous about it – don’t speed by like a banshee!

From all of us here at Acura of Salem, have a safe winter!

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