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Tips for Driving during the Holidays

With Thanksgiving coming up and Christmas and New Year’s on the way, there are going to be a lot of people driving across the country. If you have to drive to your family’s holiday celebration, we have some tips that can help you reach your designation safely. Here are our tips for driving during the holidays. 

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Plan Ahead 

Planning ahead is a great way to beat traffic and reaching your destination on time. Make sure your vehicle is packed the night before or early before you head out. Heading out at an earlier time can help you reach you destination quickly as well as help you avoid dense traffic and possible close calls with other vehicles. 

Traffic Alerts 

Stay ahead of the curve with traffic alerts and make plans for alternate routes if major highways are closed down. Make a backup plan before you go or use a GPS to help you reroute if necessary. Don’t let a traffic jam stop you from having fun this holiday season. 

Drive Cautiously 

With winter weather comes hazardous driving conditions. There will be snow, sleet, ice, and rain this holiday season. Drive slower than normal and make sure your vehicle is in working order before driving for long distances. Make sure your brakes, tires, and wipers all work well so that you can get to Grandma’s house safe and sound. 

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These tips for driving during the holidays are easy to remember. We hope you have fun this time of year. Follow these tips and your driving experience during the holidays will be much more enjoyable. If you are looking for a new Acura vehicle this holiday season, we have plenty to offer you. You can browse our online inventory and schedule a test drive with us at Acura of Salem today.