Vehicles driving in the snow

Why is my vehicle less fuel-efficient in the winter?

Reasons Gas Mileage Decreases in Winter 

Winter is a tough time on drivers. The weather makes it difficult to drive and can take a toll on your vehicle. We want to help you understand the reasons gas mileage decreases in winter so that you can find solutions to help make it easier on your vehicle and your wallet during these cold months.  

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Cold air has an effect on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. The cold air can drag on your vehicle and make it work harder, using more fuel to get you where you want to go. Cold air also lowers the pressure in your tires. This can also decrease your fuel efficiency by making it tougher for your vehicle to drive through snow. Drivers can also use more energy when they have their lights on for longer in the darker hours of the day. If you turn on the heat or use heated front seats or steering wheel, that can use more energy as well. 

Winter road 


The solutions to this are simple. Only turn on the heat or heated seats when necessary. Fill up your tires with air when they get low. Also don’t lower your windows as you drive, that makes the vehicle less aerodynamic and worsens the gas mileage. You will always see a decrease in your vehicle’s gas mileage in the winter, but these are just some helpful ways to help you diminish this effect. 

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Understanding the reasons gas mileage decreases in winter can help you mitigate the effect on your vehicle. If you would like to learn more about our other maintenance tips and tricks, you can visit our blog for more information. If you are looking for a new vehicle this winter, you can check out our online inventory to see what Acura models you like. Don’t forget to schedule a test drive with us at Acura of Salem.