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Is it safe to travel on public transportation in Salem, OR?

How to prevent the spread of disease on public transportation 

We hear more and more people asking if it is safe to travel on public transportation in their area. The truth is that any public place risks the spread of disease, but there are always things that you can do to feel safer. If you can invest in a private vehicle, whether that be an Acura or a bicycle, then that might be your best option to stay safe this year. Keep reading below to learn about how to prevent the spread of disease on public transportation. 

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Are private vehicles safer than public transportation? 

When it comes to your safety, the best option is a private vehicle. A car or bike that you do not share with anyone is optimal. If you do share, make sure that you wipe down surfaces, improve ventilation by opening windows, and social distance by limiting the number of people in your vehicle and sitting away from each other. 

What is the safest method of public transportation? 

The next best option after a private vehicle is a private rideshare vehicle, a carpool, or a taxi. In these cases when you can’t sanitize all surfaces, you should touch as few surfaces as possible and wash your hands before and after riding. Open your window if possible, and always wear a mask. Make sure that others in the vehicle are also wearing a mask. Don’t accept free items from other passengers or the driver and use a touch-free payment method when possible.  

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How to stay safe while traveling on a bus, train, or plane  

Buses, trains, planes, and other methods of mass transportation can be the least predictable and thus the least safe. The issue is that it can be hard to social distance on these types of transportation, as sometimes they can get crowded. Furthermore, there are a lot of touch-heavy points in these methods of transportations. 

To stay safe, travel on them when traffic is at its lowest, wear a mask, and bring sanitizing wipes. Bring a plastic bag with an extra mask in case yours gets soiled in some way. Touch as few things as possible, and never touch your own face.