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Is the Thermostat in My Vehicle Not Working?

How to Tell if My Vehicle’s Thermostat is Failing

When we own a vehicle for many years, we need to give it regular maintenance and invest in occasional repairs. One repair that is fairly common for vehicles is fixing or replacing the thermostat near the engine. Is the thermostat in your vehicle due for a repair? Read on and find out!

drawing of a vehicle's cooling systemSymptoms of a Failing Vehicle Thermostat

There are several symptoms of a failing vehicle thermostat. One of the first is that the “Check Engine” light is on. Of course, a “Check Engine” light can mean anything. From there, pay attention to the instrument cluster on your dash as you drive. Keep a close eye on your temperature gauge and if your engine is running hotter than normal in a very quick time frame (within 15 minutes of driving), there is a good chance that the thermostat is failing and the engine’s heat is getting trapped under the hood – and that can overheat your engine and other crucial components. If the heat gets too high, turn off your engine immediately!

Another symptom of a failing thermostat is that your vehicle’s cabin is not warming up like normal. This is usually an indication that the thermostat is stuck in the open position and thanks to the engine’s coolant, your cabin will stay cold – which is not fun during the cold winter.

Where can I Get My Vehicle’s Thermostat Repaired in Salem, OR?

If you suspect that your vehicle’s thermostat is failing, don’t wait! This is a repair that should not be put off because extra heat can potentially damage your vehicle’s engine – and that means an even more expensive repair for you! Luckily, our service department can help you out! Contact us today and schedule a service appointment!

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