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How to support small local businesses in 2021 in Salem, OR

Three ways to support small businesses while staying home in Salem, OR 

How can you support small local businesses in 2021 in Salem, OR? We have three ideas for how you can stay home and support small businesses below. You can shop online, use social media, and get a gift card. Keep reading to learn more about these three ideas. 

Shop online at local small businesses with pickup or delivery services 

Many small and local businesses understand that their customers want to stay home and are adapting to that need. You can find an online shop for many companies and use their pickup or delivery services to avoid contact. If you can’t find an online store, it may be worth giving them a call to see whether they have other options. 

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Use your social media platforms to highlight small businesses in Salem 

Help promote the best small businesses in Salem by using social media. Post some pictures and a blurb about what you like about them. Of course, you can also include a link to their website or online store. One other thing that you can do online to help a small business is to leave a positive review that talks about using their online services, pickup, and delivery, and other people will follow suit. 

Buy a gift card online for a friend or future you 

If you prefer to shop in person so that you can judge the product first-hand, we understand. Many small businesses will let you order a gift card online now for when you next feel like going into their store. This way, you can support them during tough times and go shopping once things are safer. You could also consider getting a gift card for a friend.