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Always Enjoy a Clear View in Your Acura By Replacing Your Wiper Blades

How Often Should I Change the Wiper Blades on My Acura?

Oregon sees a variety of precipitation throughout the year, from snow in the winter to a lot of rain in the other seasons. We frequently need to drive through this precipitation and rely on our windshield wipers to help us see clearly. However, we need to change out those blades once in a while so we can continue to enjoy a crystal-clear view. But how often should we be changing those blades?

We usually recommend switching those blades twice a year, though that frequency can vary depending on how often you need to use those blades and their quality. Once the wipers start leaving streaks or the rubber starts to peel off, you need to switch them out. If the rubber peels off and you continue using the wipers, you risk scratching your windshield.

Windshield wipersMake Shopping for a New Set of Blades Easy with This Tip

Switching out wiper blades is incredibly easy, but the hardest part is getting to the auto parts store to buy them. While most stores provide a guide that states what size you need, it is not always accurate. Ensure that you are buying the correct size (and saving yourself the inconvenience of returning to the store and making an exchange) by measuring your blades and writing the sizes in your owner’s manual or keeping them in your phone.

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