Curved road covered in ice and snow with a wooded area on both sides

How Do I Get My Vehicle Ready for Winter?

Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Colder Months

As the final colorful leaves drop and the cooler air settles in, it is clear the winter season is upon us. As we prepare ourselves for the colder months and snow ahead, it is important to also prepare your vehicle. While everyone has their own method for how to prepare their vehicles for winter, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Prepare the Inside of Your Vehicle

One of the easier steps to preparing for winter is to create an emergency box to keep in your vehicle. Many of these items are optional, and only you will know what will benefit you in an emergency. Some items to keep in a box in an easily accessible area of the vehicle are jumper cables; extra hats, gloves, scarves, sweaters, and boots; blankets; protein or granola bars; water; anti-freeze or coolant; empty gas can; extra ice scraper; collapsible shovel; kitty litter or sand; flare gun; radio; and spare cell phone charger.

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Further Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter

Side car mirror covered in ice

Besides keeping essentials in your vehicle, there are some maintenance tips you should consider this winter season. Consider getting an oil change and having the maintenance crew inspect your battery for cracks and leaks, tire pressure and wear, and fluid levels. If your car battery does not hold a proper charge or is over four years old, you may want to consider purchasing a new battery. If the tread on the tires is not good, either purchasing new tires or switching to snow tires should be considered.

Make sure to check the windshield wipers to ensure they do not leave streaks. If your car is equipped with Four-Wheel Drive, take a moment to refamiliarize yourself with how it works. In addition, check to make sure the heat and air is working in the vehicle.

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Other Vehicle Tips to Consider this Winter

During the winter months, it can be easy to forget how dangerous road conditions are and how a storm can go from manageable to fierce in moments. Always make sure to keep a quarter to half the gas tank filled. This will decrease the changes of condensation forming in the gas tank. As well, if your vehicle becomes stuck, you can relax knowing you have enough gas in your vehicle to run the heat until help arrives.

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