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Fall Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

With the changing of the seasons it is a good time to make sure that your vehicle is ready for the road. Fall brings lots of challenges to the roads, fog, rain, even snow. You should make sure that your vehicle is ready to bring you where you want to go, safely. Here is a fall vehicle maintenance checklist to help you out. 

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You should always keep an eye on your brakes. If your brakes are squeaking or hard to press down, they may need to be replaced. Make sure to take your vehicle into our service department to have our technicians take a look at your brakes for a smoother ride. 


With all the rain, frost, and leaves, you are going to need to use your wipers. If your wipers aren’t getting the job done, don’t just tough it out. You can receive new windshield wipers at our service department. Let us help you see clearly on the road this fall.  


When you use your wipers, you’re going to need to use some wiper fluid as well. We can change your wiper, transmission, and other fluids to help you have a better time on the road. Don’t forget that we offer oil changes at our dealership as well.  

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This fall vehicle maintenance checklist can help you remember about your car’s needs. This will also help you on the road as you drive. If you would like to learn more about our services at Acura of Salem or you would like to learn more about our available Acura models, you can check out our online inventory and schedule a test drive with us at Acura of Salem today. We hope to see you soon in our showroom to help you find the vehicle that you’ve been waiting for.