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mechanic in front of car

Where can I get my Acura repaired?

Genuine Acura Parts and Accessories in Salem OR 

If your Acura vehicle needs to be repaired or has been underperforming, you will want to take it in to a specialist who has the knowledge of these vehicles and their parts. Thankfully, we have a whole team of technicians to help you as well as a wide array of genuine Acura parts and accessories in Salem OR.  

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mechanic in front of car

Where can I get my Acura repaired?

Acura Maintenance Services in Salem OR 

Is your Acura model in need of a repair? Do you need an oil change or some other maintenance service? We have the technicians you need to get your vehicle back on the road. At Acura of Salem, we pride ourselves on offering excellent service and giving you the right parts for your vehicle’s needs. Read below to learn more about our Acura maintenance services in Salem OR.  Read the rest of this entry >>

How to Repair Scratches on My Acura

Fixing Minor Scratches on Your Acura Vehicle

We all want our Acura to look as good as the day we bought it, but at some point it will probably receive a scratch. Whether it is from accidentally scraping the garage-door frame when backing out, or you were the victim of some jerk’s key at a high school football game, a scratch on your Acura is not pretty. Luckily, fixing minor scratches on your Acura is easy when you follow these tips! Read the rest of this entry >>

Rain-covered windshield

Always Enjoy a Clear View in Your Acura By Replacing Your Wiper Blades

How Often Should I Change the Wiper Blades on My Acura?

Oregon sees a variety of precipitation throughout the year, from snow in the winter to a lot of rain in the other seasons. We frequently need to drive through this precipitation and rely on our windshield wipers to help us see clearly. However, we need to change out those blades once in a while so we can continue to enjoy a crystal-clear view. But how often should we be changing those blades? Read the rest of this entry >>