How to Repair Scratches on My Acura

Fixing Minor Scratches on Your Acura Vehicle

We all want our Acura to look as good as the day we bought it, but at some point it will probably receive a scratch. Whether it is from accidentally scraping the garage-door frame when backing out, or you were the victim of some jerk’s key at a high school football game, a scratch on your Acura is not pretty. Luckily, fixing minor scratches on your Acura is easy when you follow these tips! Read the rest of this entry >>

Family with elderly parents

Is it Time to Have a Difficult Conversation with Your Elderly Parents?

How to Have the “Time to Stop Driving” Talk with Seniors

During our lifetime, we have many awkward or difficult talks with our parents. In the earlier years, it was them who approached us, sat us down, and talked to us about the birds and the bees, what we plan to do with our life, and financial responsibility. Now, it is us who are approaching our parents with conversations that focus on them: final wishes, if the will is in order, if they are better off moving into assisted living or a nursing home, or if it is time to give up the keys to their vehicle. The “time to stop driving” is usually one of the first conversations and it can be a little challenging, but luckily, we are here to help you out. Read the rest of this entry >>

Door handle on a rusty car

Has the Time Come for You to Replace Your Current Vehicle?

When is the Best Time to Replace a Vehicle?

Every time we purchase a different vehicle, it gives us a sense of newness (even when purchased used). We depend on that vehicle to get us where we want or need to go, whether it is to the office or through the Cascades. Eventually, that vehicle will lose its newness and you may start to wonder when to replace it. To be honest, there is no right or wrong time to switch vehicles, but there may be some factors that may mean that now is the best time. Read the rest of this entry >>

Acura RDX from the 2016 model year

What are the Benefits of Buying a Pre-Owned Car from a Dealership like Acura of Salem?

Benefits of Buying a Pre-Owned Car from a Dealership

Here at Acura of Salem, we understand why you may want to purchase a pre-owned car rather than a new model. Pre-owned vehicles are typically a much more affordable option and oftentimes, you can find a gem that was well maintained with plenty of style and low mileage. However, there is the matter of deciding whether purchasing from a dealer or a private seller is the best course of action for you. Let us share the benefits of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle from a trusted dealership like Acura of Salem. Read the rest of this entry >>

Rain-covered windshield

Always Enjoy a Clear View in Your Acura By Replacing Your Wiper Blades

How Often Should I Change the Wiper Blades on My Acura?

Oregon sees a variety of precipitation throughout the year, from snow in the winter to a lot of rain in the other seasons. We frequently need to drive through this precipitation and rely on our windshield wipers to help us see clearly. However, we need to change out those blades once in a while so we can continue to enjoy a crystal-clear view. But how often should we be changing those blades? Read the rest of this entry >>