2021 Acura TLX in red

What entertainment features are inside the new Acura TLX?

2021 Acura TLX Convenience Features and Sound System Options 

When you sit inside the cockpit of the new 2021 Acura TLX, you will see lots of technology that can help you relax and enjoy your ride. We want to tell you more about the 2021 Acura TLX convenience features and sound system options to help you see what you will want in your next luxury sedan.   Read the rest of this entry >>

2020 Acura RLX in red

How big is the 2020 Acura RLX?

2020 Acura RLX Legroom and Cargo Capacity 

For drivers who are curious about a vehicle’s interior dimensions, we have the information that you need. Riding in a vehicle that is too cramped is very uncomfortable, and when it comes to luxury, you should feel relaxed and confident as you drive. That is why we want to show you the 2020 Acura RLX legroom and cargo capacity. Let us show you what this vehicle can do to make your ride more convenient. 

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2021 Acura RDX in blue

What does the 2021 Acura RDX look like?

2021 Acura RDX Interior and Exterior Design Walkthrough 

Our job at Acura of Salem is to offer every tool we have available to luxury car shoppers. If you are interested in the latest Acura models, we have some ways we can help pique your interest. The 2021 Acura RDX interior and exterior design walkthrough will show you what this vehicle is like inside and out. Let’s take a look and see what you like. 

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